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Koreana -The Hahoe Pyolshin-gut -Master P'ansori Singer Pak Tong-Jin: Boasts Active Career at 72


Koreana -The Hahoe Pyolshin-gut -Master P'ansori Singer Pak Tong-Jin: Boasts Active Career at 72

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fr The Olympiad of Art: An Exceptional Event
By Gerard Xuriguera French art critic

Sorrow of Love in Popular Korean Lyrics
By Kim Woo-jong Professor at Duksung University

That Bit Extra
By Kevin O'Rourke Professor at Kyunhee University
If there is one quality Koreans admire, it is what they call yoyu, pronounced "yawyou." Yoyu can refer to time, money, ability, strength, or a host of other areas and activities, but when spoken of ...

Han-Gul: The Korean Alphabet
By Simon Winchester
The following introduction to Han-gul, the Korean alphabet, is excerpted from the author's latest book, Korea: A Walk Through the Land of Miracles, published by Prentice Hall. -Ed.

Kim Chong-hui's Winter Scene
By Hong Sun-pyo Professor of Hongik University
In a discourse on painting, Kim Chong-hui (1786-1856), one of the greatest calligraphers of the Choson period (1392-1910), said; "It is not techniqe but spirit that gives a noble character to a ...

Korea's Younger Generation
By Paul Mooney Free-lancer
From a blending of Korean Tradition and Western Influences they are establishing a new culture.

The Hahoe Pyolshin-gut
By Text & Photos by Art·Space
Some 24 kilometers west of Andong City, Kyongsangbuk-do Province, along a well-paved, two-lane country road, there is a side road leading to a famous village called Hahoe. A 10-minute ride along this ...

Korea's Chimneys
By Kim Kwang-on Associate professor at Inha University Photos by Art·Space

Paik Nam-June's New Video Project "The More the Better"
By Yu June-sang Art Critic

Master P'ansori Singer Pak Tong-Jin: Boasts Active Career at 72
By Lee Kyung-hee
When in 1968 Pak Tong-jin, a p'ansori singer of little repute, announced that he would perform a full, five-hour-long version of the popular classical episode, Hungbo-ga, most people in the Korean ...

Modern Korean Art: Yesterday and Today
By Park Seo-bo, Fine Artist vs Lee Yil, Fine Art Critic
Koreana has asked us to discuss overall trends in Korea's modern art, specifically those from the 1960s to the 1980s. The year 1957 is generally taken as the starting point for modern art

Changsung: Friendly Guardian Poles
By Lee Sang-il Professor at Sung Kyun Kwan University
Sometimes grotesque and sometimes humorous, the spirit posts called changsung or changsaeng usually have bulging eyes and queer smiles bearing ugly teeth. It is hard to tell how long these poles, ...

The Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre 'Paekkyol'
By Ku Hee-seo Art Critic Photos by Park Seung-u
The Seoul Metropolitan Dance Theatre presented a new number, "Paekkyol," at a special performance commemorating the tenth anniversary of the opening of the Sejong Cultural Center.

The World of Yoon Chi-Hyun's Art
A solo exhibition of the works of the Korean abstract painter Yoon Chi-hyun was held in Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany from May 10th to June 4th 1988, at the IFA Galerie. This exhibition is being ...


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