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Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Mongols.



Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Mongols.

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fr Publishing director : Urtnasan Norov

Auteurs :
Norov Urtnasan
Sendenjav Dulam
Lkhagvasüren Molomjamts
Tsedevsüren Samdan
Zandraa Tümen-Ölzii
Sonom-Ish Yündenbat
Lünten Batchuluun
Gombojav Gongorjav
Togooch Dorjdagva
Khorloo Sampildendev

I. Mother tongue, oral traditions

Oral poetry

1. Oral poetry without melodies
. Spells and incantations
. Words of libation and anointment
. Words of propitious omens (well-wishing)
. Mongolian triad
. Proverbs and aphorisms
. Riddles

2. Oral literature that uses melodies
. Benediction
. Odes
. Mongolian epics

Oral prose literature

1. Folk tales
. Parables and fables
. Magical or wondrous fairy tales
. Heroic tales
. Witty narratives
. Humorous tales

2. Real-life legends
. Ethnographic legends
. Legendary names of places and rivers
. Legends of historical events
. Legends of livelihood
. Legend of culture and custom

3. Grotesque exaggerations

II. Traditional performing arts and games of mongolians

. Melodies to cause a mother-animal to accept its young
. Giingoo, the song of the horse jockeys
. Horse title recitation
. Mongol Khöömei (Larynx crooning)
. Traditional art of whistling
. Jew's harp
. Traditional art of the Tsuur
. Lullaby
. Mongolian traditional short songs
. Mongolian traditional long songs
. Mongolian traditional music instruments
. Traditional music of Morin Khuur (Horse-headed fiddle)
. Mongol Bii Biyelgee (Body dancing)
. Religious mask dance (Tsam)
. Mongolian contortion
. Mongolian games and toys

III. Mongolian traditional craftsmanship

. Needlework and knitting art
. Traditional costume-making
. Hide and leather crafts
. Felt-quilting crafts
. Bone, horn, and tusk crafts
. Wood engraving crafts
. Mongolian ger-making
. Mongolian game painting
. Sculpture and papier-maché crafts
. Mongolian art of book-making
. Art of blacksmithing
. Mongolian ornaments
. Mongolian traditional calligraphy

IV. Folk knowledge and technology

.Traditional Mongolian medicine
. Traditional folk treatments for animals
. Folk arithmetic and mathematics
. Astronomical knowledge
. Folk meteorology
. Traditional measurement
. Folk beliefs and rituals
. Traditional household and economic knowledge
. Mongolian traditional food and beverages

V. Traditional customs, rituals, ceremonies and festive events

Ceremonies concerning nature and its seasons
. Milk libation ceremonies
. Spring endowment
. Mare mailing cérémonies
. Foal branding ceremonies

Way of living
. Practice of moving to a new pasture
. Custom of helping mother animals to accept their young
. Custom of castrating young animals
. Custom of shearing sheep
. Custom of fleece beating
. Custom of making felt
. Customs related to hunting
. Customs of agricultural farming

Customs of the household
. Customs of greeting
. Custom of preparing toys
. Custom of naming and giving ablution to a child
. Custom of cutting a child's hair for the first time
. Custom of wearing a new deel
. CustomTraditional knowledge of genealogical inheritance
. Feast customs
. New ger warming feasts
. Wedding ceremonies
. Birthday celebrations
. Funeral practices

Religious rites
. Shamanistic traditions
. Fire worship ceremonies
. Taboos concerning fire worship and the family hearth
. Cairn-worshiping ceremonies
. Ritual for summoning prosperity
. The ceremony of consecrating animals
. Religious mask dancing ritual
. Ceremonial performance of the Maitreya Buddha

Festivals and celebrations
. Three manly sports (Naadam Festival)
. Lunar month festival
. Festival of the camel herders.


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